11 Jul 2021

Before we hit the road… 

Well, the store is closed. That was much harder and emotional than I ever expected it to be! I will honestly say, the amount of support that was shown those last few weeks BLEW ME AWAY! My heart has legit been bursting at the seams! 

 The day we made it “official” to close the store was the day we lost Jason’s dad, Pops. This post isn’t about how great of a Pops he was or how he affects my life. I’ll save that for another day. I’m not ready. However, Let me first tell you that, I am a BIG believer in signs, maybe I’m always looking for them? Maybe they are just coincidences? Either way- I rely on some of these “signs” as a type of explanation, comfort! Pops for the past few years repeatedly and I mean repeatedly tried to sway me to close the store. Reminding me that I needed to focus on the kids and our family. That we need to slow life down. I always laughed or shrugged him off, saying I’m too much of a busy body to slow down, all I know is 100MPH – 24/7. I wasn’t really “listening” to what he saying. Little did I know that he was about to give us another reason to believe in the quote, life goes by faster than you think… I didn’t get the chance to tell him that I finally listened! It is time to slow down, focus on our family, and time for us to join his son many states away. Maybe he knew? I’m sure he does now! Pops “coincidently” went home to be with his bride just in time for her birthday! 

Saturday, July 10th, We laid his ashes to rest in his hometown beside Gigi and his parents. Sadly, my deja vu was a reality. We stood in the same place just a tad over 2 years ago, with the same family and friends. Jason and Willie went above and beyond to make sure this weekend, as a whole, was perfect for family and friends. Their speeches were flawless and written from the heart. The service was “coincidently” interrupted by two fighter jets passing over. Just as they did during Lisa’s (Gigi) service. I personally couldn’t imagine being in either of the boy’s shoes. It wasn’t supposed to turn out this way. However, they both have stepped up in every way needed. I am beyond proud of them and I know that their parents are too. Dan and Lisa sure did raise two great gentlemen. 

*Side Note* We stayed at The Hotel Ballast in Downtown Wilmington. Our room had a lovely view of the Battleship and Board Walk. Kiddos favorite part was the Shirley Temples by the pool. We couldn’t leave town without a surfer dog from Trolley Stop! Next up…NY

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