28 Mar 2021

How We Got Here…

Well, This outlet started years ago and resides in my noggin’ and I know this may seem so cliché, Here is how we got HERE…There was a day where I was walking behind my family and watched the ocean wash away their footprints, I knew right then and there this is my “why” it was my time to write a blog or whatever you call this thing.

First off, let me make this very clear… 

1. I am FAR from a “writer”. 

2. I’ve never really read or followed a “blog” only referenced them when the topic was interesting.

3. My grammar might seem to be on the same page as an elementary student…don’t judge. It’s not polite. 

As we are climbing out of a world pandemic, life has changed. Life is speeding back up. Life is flashing before our eyes and as much as I would like to slow down and savor every moment, that’s easier said than done. I’ve always loved capturing life behind a camera, aka an iPhone. One may say, I take too many photos and I can’t argue that fact. The purpose of this blog/memoir is to put words, a voice beside our snapped photos. To tell our story, share our adventures, let you in on our DIY secrets, have a central place of reference for when our minds become foggy or when we just need a reason to look back and SMILE, it will be here. This is my heart on a page/computer, our bottle where the memories will stay and be stored. My thoughts, experiences, and views may differ from yours. I’m ok with that, I hope you are! I am rather long-winded!!! In person and behind the computer…I will not apologize for noting my feelings or describing the way the sand felt between my toes. That is the purpose for “this”…for “us”. The days seem long, but the years are short. Here is our story! Hold on tight! It might be a bumpy ride. 

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