03 Aug 2021

Music City, USA

B & K take on Music City:

Before I make note of our little journey to Nashville, if there are any film crew interns out there looking for work, I’m pretty confident that we could provide you with some decent content…

Welcome to Nashville! Music City, USA! Two tired Mommas needing a break from reality, looking for good music, shopping, and some sleep! Walking into the Hyatt Centric in downtown Nashville, HOLY CHIC! B snagged this FABULOUS hotel on a whim! Later to find out, we just missed the ribbon cutting by minutes. Brand spanking new!! Full of color, pattern, and design, all-out dreamy.  Making notes for the new NY house!!!

B visited Nashville a few months prior for a hockey game, which helped with the navigation of the city! Other than Garth Brooks drawing us there, we didn’t have an itinerary or any major plans. Little did we know, nothing was to go as we “planned” and all we could do is laugh! It all started with, well, I’m not quite sure where it started…maybe the lack of drinks that were advertised on the pool menu or maybe it was the older gentlemen from NY who proceeded to tell me, I should take up knitting-I’m sorry, what? During our 1.5 hr wait for slightly average food at Miranda Lambert’s Casa Rosa restaurant, we polished up our people watching skills. I thought Nashville was going to be full of Honky-Tonks and street singers praying to be discovered. Broadway seems to be a fancy strip full of tractors pulling bridal parties while listening to a DJ, even a nasty ass hot tub nestled in the back of a converted parade trailer. Considering we were back at our hotel room, showered, and in bed before 10, proves we are no longer cool and just old. 

We should have known after not receiving our concert tickets via email and being on hold for almost 4 hours Saturday morning…we were in for a treat! After soaking up some rays, we licked our plates at The Stillery and were ready for Garth! OH, HA! Little did we know…Before the show ever started we would be crammed in like sardines under a shelter for a lightning advisory, 5 minutes of having our bubbles popped with sweaty elbows. We quickly walked up the ramp to the higher level seats to find wide-open spaces and a great place to ride out the storm. The only Garth Brooks we saw that night was on Netflix in our PJ’s. 

It’s Sunday and we figured we probably should get out and see what else Nashville is known for other than floating hot tubs and bachelorette parties. We walked over to The Gluch neighborhood…Super, Super cute! I snagged a necklace at Uncommon James, we ate at The Gumbo Bros, and refused to stand in line for a picture in front of the infamous “what lifts you” mural. More walking, mural gazing, and people watching led us to 5+B for more shopping, eating, and a couple of beverages. #wheninnashville It’s always a great idea to go boot shopping after all that walking, eating, and drinking…..Time to kick up our heels and enjoy the “Music City”.

Time flies when you’re having fun or sleeping late watching trash TV-it’s the same thing! Time to trek back to NC…but first, a tour through the Country Music Hall of Fame. Not quite sure why Kacey Musgraves is put on such a large platform. She has more things on display than any other person times 10. I did find out that Eric Church and I own the same pair of boots and Elvis had a kick ass phone in his gold plated Cadillac! With text messages of our flight being delayed, we had time to kill…Where else to go on a Monday afternoon, we slid into the Famous Tootsies. BEST IDEA yet!! This is Nashville! 1. They had our favorite beers, like in stock and cold! 2. The atmosphere is exactly what we were looking for. Old Nashville, where fiddle player’s dreams come true. I could have stood on those stairs all night!! But, RDU is calling us home…

JUST when we thought this trip couldn’t get more interesting and our stomachs couldn’t hurt more from laughing…less than 30 seconds on the highway with our UBER driver and POP! A blowout leads us to the side of the road. Turning to B I said, we are gonna have to change this dude’s tire. I asked him to pop the trunk and his response while shaking his head was, No English…What! You gotta be flipping kidding me. While this dude sits back, two chicks get everything out to change his tire. Saved by emergency response…another dude rolls up and over his intercom says, he’s there to help! OK…I’m not sure it’s common sense or if it was our Daddies making sure they raise their girls right but, let me be the first to tell you…You DO NOT jack a car up without loosening the lug nuts. After B and I cringe as we watch and the donut is placed, we made it to the airport to find another Tootsies and a beer! Thank God. Our 8:13 PM schedule flight boards after 11 PM and we sit patiently, the pilot apologizes for the delay. His first plane of the day was “broken” and this particular plane hit a bird while coming in and currently is being cleaned off. Pretty sure they hit a flock of penguins at this point for the amount of time it is taking to spray off bird feathers. 20ish minutes later the Pilot proceeds to tell us, he knows its late, the doors haven’t closed yet and if anyone wants to get off and reschedule they can…(WHAT? That sounds reassuring) and then concluded with they are finishing up paperwork on the bird and we will be off….WHAT paperwork? A death certificate? I’m not sure what time they finished up with the funeral home or when we took off. All I know is, it was well after 2 am when we made it back to RDU and even my favorite car shouted with glee that we were home. 

Nashville is full of beautiful art murals, history, good food, and music. There was no scenic tour around town or searching for that perfect restaurant. Our weekend may not have gone as “planned” However, We accomplished exactly what we needed! 

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