12 Oct 2021

One Step Forward…

Two steps back. Anyone feel like this happens too much? Since I haven’t been the best at this “blog” thing…here’s a little update: Jason and I went under contract on a home this past July. With the start of school quickly approaching and our first closing date rescheduled, we knew that the best thing for the kiddos was for us (the kiddos and I) to hang tight a little bit longer here in Raleigh.

Fast forward to the 8th of October: Word has it, after 4…5…6…(I lost count) of rescheduled closings dates…It was time to sign the dotted line! Quite the scramble to purchase airline tickets, find a zoo sitter and somewhat finish up our weekly to-do list early & head north. Who am I kidding? The last part didn’t happen! I just added more to this week’s to-do list. Anywho, WHOOT WHOOT, we are now residents of New York! Well, Kinda! I’ll fill you in in just a bit; keep reading. But first, Who wants to see our new house??? (many pictures were stolen from the MLS listing: My bad!)

Ok, Ok, Ok, let’s be open-minded here. With the store being closed, y’all know, dang well I can’t sit still, and as much as I love my children, I’m not cut out for PTA president. I need a J.O.B., and oh boy, we found one! This actually was J’s first pick! He saw more potential in this ol’ gal than I did, which is totally backward! This clean and well updated, in the…late 90’s early 2000’s home, was definitely loved and cherished by someone’s grandmother.

With the keys burning a hole in our pockets, it didn’t take long to break out the gloves! With VERY few tools, we knew there were a few hidden gems! And I. Could. Not. Wait. To. Uncover…at least a few of them! I need to know what I’m working with here 😉 Check her out!! Starting upstairs first…Here we go! Don’t forget..We have a J.O.B. on our hands!

Bedroom 1:

Bedroom 2/Office:

Bedroom 3: (might serve the purpose of a tumbling room?)

Bedroom 4: (that carpet….)

Upstairs Landing:

Cedar Closet: I feel so grown up!

Can’t forget the bathroom: Y’all ready?

Now, let’s head downstairs


Master Bath: She’s just as nice as the upstairs bath…(Speaking in my best southern accent)

The Parlor: In case you’re wondering, I had to look it up and I’m from the south! Still doesn’t explain the mirrored top, pony wall by the front door? Maybe Austin Powers’ played more of a part in this house?

A parlor is a living room or a sitting room, the place in your house with comfortable chairs and sofas. You might also decide to put your giant new TV in the parlor. The noun parlor is an old-fashioned one. … These days, a hotel, inn, or historic house is more likely to have a parlor than a private home is.

It will be the “dining room” for this gcrew!


Living/Family Room:

With only a few tools and the kiddos bunkered up about 6 feet away, J and I were pretty limited to the demo of the Austin Powers’ mantle. More tomorrow….
Peace out Pergo…Why would anyone cover up these beauties?

Yes, there is a powder room on this floor…Ready for it?

Basement: It needs a good name??? any thoughts? like, I’m headed down to the…..?

First dinner in the new house: Check

Slumber Party in the living room: Check

Blisters on our hands: Check

Happy Hearts: Check

LATE Sunday night flight back to Raleigh: Check

We left J in NY, unfortunately at this time, interrupting the kid’s first semester of school doesn’t seem to be the best decision. I don’t want to jinx our plans, but this was a HUGE step towards our family being together again! We will be shoveling snow before we know it…Well, J and Cy will. I’m not going outside. The only thing I shovel is sand that has blown over the road in Topsail!

Til’ the next update!

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