25 Apr 2021

The trip she has been waiting for!

A few years back my dad started gifting the kids with experiences, not “stuff”. Dear heavens, kids these days (speaking mainly of my own) do not lack in stuff! 9 times out of 10 they will not remember what was gifted to them, but they will remember that trip to a water park or The Christmas Play we all dressed up for! Memories are way more valuable than a video game or another stuffed animal.

With that being said, there is a little girl named Pickle, who loves American Girl Dolls!!! And has begged to visit the AG doll store! Truth be told 2019 was that special year, plans were made! 6 years old!! Sadly, Her dreams were crushed less than 2 weeks before her birthday! The big “C” word took her Gigi to heaven and in all reality, a rescheduled trip didn’t seem to be that big of a deal to us as adults…but to her, heartbroken all over again. Fast forward…2020! Turning 7! Whoot Whoot…dun, dun, dunnn! Covid & Lockdowns! Two right arrows on the life remote lead us to 2021! EIGHT years old! Our little lady is still loving AG and a rain check was cashed in. Oh boy, was it cashed in! 

We arrived at The Hampton Inn & Suites-Southpark at Phillips Place and the pink carpet treatment was rolled out for our little lady! While checking in the kind lady behind the desk asked if this was Sailor Stone and if her brother was Cy. Wait, What? You know their names…We checked in pretty late in the afternoon. I’m gonna brush this off with the process of elimination from the other checked-in guests. Regardless, Great customer service already! Before heading to our room their picture was taken, handed over a voucher to the snack bar, and whispered to look for a surprise later. Opening the door to our hotel room we were greeted with both beds fully decorated lego and American Girl Doll. Her doll even had a bed of her own with PJ’s and a robe! (That she was able to take home) as well as Lego goodies on Cy’s bed. A platter on each bed hosted a sweet treat and a note letting us know there was milk in the fridge. SAY WHAT! We made plans to venture out and actually sit down for dinner. While walking through the lobby the attendant behind the counter (different from when we checked in) Spoke to both kids and called them by name!!! Clearly, this made an impact on me. 

Southern Pecan-Gulf Coast Kitchen is highly recommended by this crew! The food and drinks were fantastic, but the atmosphere trumped it all! A much-needed normalcy we all have been missing! With full bellies, it was time to cash in those snack vouchers and hit the sack!

Hands full of snacks (note the full bellies from dinner) we headed up to our room. While we were at dinner, two handwritten notes were slid under the door, even the envelopes were decorated! The sweetest notes about our stay and a surprise Gift Card to be used at the lego store tomorrow!! Breakfast at the hotel and another hotel employee approaching the kiddos asking if they enjoyed their stay! She told them she was the one who “decorated”. I know that many families choose this “add on package” to their stay, I am AMAZED by the personal experience we received!! 

Off to South Park! We have a very important appointment to have SS’s new AG doll, Kira’s ears pierced and hair braided! Smiling ear to ear as she walked around to pick out her birthday gift! 

 This little lady knows that not all birthdays will look like this. Here’s to making sure she never forgets that the littlest of details sometimes mean the most. This is EIGHT! 

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